Redshift Arena RELOADED: Official release! [ Looking for feedback and suggestions! ]

After two long years, Redshift Arena has finally released. Careful consideration was taken this time around - focusing on bug fixes, optimization, gameplay, content, features, and making the game a fun experience for players on all platforms, and avoiding less than ethical monetization practices (which was ironically the first game’s biggest mistake.)

The game aims to capture the same chaotic, high octane, and high skill nature of shooters from yesteryear, with an extrme focus on weapon, item, and map control, along with putting a focus on accuracy. Redshift Arena Reloaded borrows ideas from Unreal Tournament - specifically UT4, UT3, and UT99, with some maps and items from Quake 3 Arena.

The game serves as my 1st / 2nd venture into developing a game completely solo, with help from fellow Roblox developers occasionally.

I’d love it if you guys checked the game out, and gave some feedback here. The game may be dead when you enter it (Ads never have worked for me for some reason) so you may want to invite some friends in.




This game is a Blast!!! :video_game: It’s bad only a few people are playing it you should try to make some ads for this game it can go to the front page.

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Would love to make ads, but those never work in the slightest.