Redshift Arena SDK Version 1.6 Released!

Hello, everyone!

I’m proud to announce that the Redshift SDK has been released to the public! It currently serves as the primary tool to develop maps for my game, Redshift Arena, but it can still be used as a general-purpose building tool, especially for quick access to a series of mildly realistic textures & basic shapes.

Here is the link to the plugin:

I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I posted it here since it is technically a community resource, and I would like to hear feedback on this plugin. :slight_smile:

To test the new package system I’ve coded, install this plugin with the latest update to Redshift Arena SDK:


Redshift Arena SDK V1.5 is now live!

What’s new?

  • Ability to create your own asset packages through plugins. Please note that any models you have in your plugin package must have a primary part. Otherwise, that model will be rejected and will not have a button created for it. This works for locally installed plugins too. Simply go to the “Third Party Assets” tab at the top to view all of your installed asset packages.

  • Gamemode objects! This currently only includes spawn points, but I plan on having Redshift Arena specific flag points later on.

How can you set up your asset packages to be compatible?

All you need is two folders that will house all of your assets. Then, you’ll need to create a Local or Server script and in that script, be sure to make the source match the below script. The scanner will wait for 3 seconds before it begins to create buttons in the Third Party section. So make sure any wait times you have are below 3 seconds.

local thrdPartyAssets = game.CoreGui:WaitForChild("RedshiftSDK_Third_Party_Assets")
local assetFolder= script.Parent.Test

assetFolder.Parent = thrdPartyAssets

If you want a custom color label to be shown in the side panel, simply create a Configuration folder and name it “Configuration.” Then inside of the newly created Configuration folder, create a Color3Value and name it “SelectedColor.”

Your custom asset package should look like this in the explorer for it to work correctly:

It’s also very important that any models you have in your asset package should have PrimaryParts, otherwise, the model will be skipped over.

Currently, only BaseParts & Models are supported by the third-party asset loading system. I have plans to support everything else in the future.

In your plugin’s description, make sure to tell your users you’ll need this plugin in order to insert your asset packages.

Happy developing! :slight_smile:

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New update: Version 1.5.1, 3/24/2019

What’s new?

  • Weapons now retain their pickup code, though this is blocked off through the use of LinkedSource scripts. This is mainly to keep the pickup code up to date with the rest of the game.
  • More TEXTURES! Such as concrete, grass, rock, and sand.
  • More shapes
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New Update: Version 1.6, 6/16/2019

What’s new?

  • Interface updates to make the plugin look more professional
  • Integration of @Fractality’s Studio Build Suite
  • New category for Basic objects, which includes Light Sources
  • Quick and easy editing of Workspace & Terrain properties under “Map Settings” tab.

New Update: Version 1.6.6, 10/23/2019

What’s new?

  • Removal of item pickups - this was mostly due to them spamming error messages in console due to their linked sources missing.
  • Interface updates! The user interface has been made cleaner and icons have been put in place over viewport frames.
  • Texture placement system - able to place textures & decals down from within the editor as if you were inserting them from the Toolbox
  • Create Room Tool - Easily create a box from a part with wall thickness settings
  • “Create Blank Map” button: Wipes everything in the workspace and lighting and replaces it all with a blank slate with a grey skybox.
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I used Kronos to test this for a virus, and it came back backdoor positive. Could you release the source code for this plugin, so we can see that there are no viruses?


There’s a virus in the source code? :thinking:

Also, the source code is freely available to anyone who wishes to scan the code. I’m certain there’s not any malicious code in the plugin. However, I’ll double check!

Ran my own test using the latest version of Kronos.
It appears that Kronos is throwing false positives about the plugin integration of SBS / Studio Build Suite.

It also throws a false positive about SBS itself - the original by Fractality.

Oh, thanks for clearing that up. Considering you’re a top contributor (and the open source code) I can trust your word. I love the Plug-in, and was sad to see a virus. I do believe it is a false positive.

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I can confirm it is a false positive. I have fixed it though, be sure to update to latest version.

Even though Kronos still works, it is now very laggy and bad scripted.
Working on a new version which should be very good and not laggy.