Reduce Motion Effect won't Show Roblox Menu if Opening too Fast

Reproduction Steps

  1. Join any Roblox experience.
  2. Go to the Roblox menu by pressing the Roblox logo in the left corner of the screen or pressing the key ESC.
  3. At Settings, enable the feature “Reduce Motion” by clicking the left or right arrows until it appears the text “On”.
  4. Now, close the menu to see the effect.
  5. Press the key ESC to appear in the Roblox Menu. Close it, and in the middle to disappear fully, immediately press the key once again. (The same concept goes when you click the Roblox logo.)

Expected Behavior:

I expected that when you pressed it many times, the effect would still understand that you want to appear the interface (fade in) and make it disappear (fade out).

Actual Behavior:

Eventually, if you press it immediately while the Roblox Menu closes, the screen does not have the menu rather than only the translucent frame.

Visual Aids:


Thanks for the report! Just sent this along to the engineers :slight_smile: