Reduce specular highlight glare in avatar thumbnails

Recently (about a week ago) the lighting settings for 2D avatar thumbnails changed, introducing a really harsh white glare that washes out bright colors and looks pretty terrible.

It would be great if this glare could be fixed or reduced because it makes it really difficult to make out details on textures and washes out color on unfortunately angled geometry.

The 3D preview does not have any glare, so you can see how washed out colors now look.

Week ago:


Other examples of washout:

image image image

3D, 2D
chrome_2019-10-08_20-17-26 chrome_2019-10-08_20-17-19

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This should really be addressed because it ruins the details on-site and on the dev forum here, making the characters look much more shiny and I can’t flex my UGC items properly.


FYI this appears to have been changed back for the time being.
If you were as bothered by this as I was, now is the time to redraw your avatar .


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