Reduce the 90% fee on Private Server and Paid Access income for non-Premium users

As a Roblox developer, it is currently limited to monetize your game without buying a monthly subscription.

Awhile ago an announcement has been made saying that the higher marketplace fee for Non-premium has been lifted. Unified Marketplace Fee for Dev Products and Game Passes

Personally I find that nothing has changed. Some games are relying for game access for their monetization and some monetize greatly from VIP servers who has to spend money for the subscription.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because it would greatly help with monetization.


As a developer, I thought when the Marketplace Fee was made uniform for gamepasses, the change also applied to VIP server sales, but that isn’t the case and the 90% fee is actively being applied to VIP server sales from games on my profile.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my experience because I wouldn’t have to risk the player base moving those games to my development group in order to address this issue on my own.


As far as I know, VIP severs are the only thing that have a 90% sales tax.

If this change was made then I think it would encourage developers to add special features to VIP servers. If more special features are in VIP servers (or vip servers are being encouraged more) then more players will buy access to them.

This tax could also be confusing for new users because other items are taxed at 30% while VIP servers are taxed at 90%. I believe it would be the best to streamline it all to 30%

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don’t understand the reason why only VIP servers are affected by this? most marketing (gamepasses etc.) cost more than the VIP itself so it’s very confusing why it takes 90% tax rather than 30% like @TyDye8 said above :man_shrugging:

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Game Access also has a 90% sale tax regardless of thee unified marketplace fee

(Sorry for the bump, but I was about to post a feature request and saw that this already existed.)

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to earn Robux through Paid Access and VIP Serveres as a Non-Premium user.

Developer Products and Game Passes have a unified 30% marketplace fee. Why isn’t Robux earned through VIP Servers and Paid Access also unified? I can’t find a valid reason to unify one aspect of game monetization but not another.
Just streamline it.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to earn more Robux through game monetization. I don’t see why this hasn’t been implemented.


Nowadays basically every creator earns 70% of the revenue they make from Gamepass sales, developer product sales, clothing sales and more. However, the Private Servers and Game Access Revenue are only 10% Now you might be used to this, but if you think about it it’s a 7X difference. Private Servers are usually purchased a lot more than gamepasses, due to it’s cheaper prices on games like Arsenal compared to Gamepass prices. A lot of developers decided to make the Private Servers free for players, due to it not really being useful when trying to earn revenue. If you set the price of the Private Server to 10 robux, you get 1 in return and 9 goes back to Roblox. This should not be the case. Like I mentioned above, if your game doesn’t have like 1K concurrent players, selling Private Servers for Robux is not going to help you earn Robux. Setting the creator earnings 70% will allow more developers to use the Private Servers as a way to gain more revenue, and it will be used more actively by developers.

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