Reducing lag - optimising game

My game is pretty laggy, and it’s heavily detailed.
It has a lot of:

  • Textures/Decals
  • Unions

I’ve heard Unions are pretty bad, but I’m not sure if that’s the full story. If I were to make all the unions into plain parts, would that be just as bad, worse or better?

One of the major things I noticed that was in my memory, GraphicsTexture was using ~120 MB / 490 MB (total)
Correct me if I’m wrong, but 120 MB on one “group” is a lot. So, what does GraphicsTexture consist of, and how can I lower that?

And finally, is 490 MB on a game a lot, or is it a reasonable amount?


While I’m not very experienced in building, I’m much more of a scripter, a brief investigation caused me to come across this:

Yes, you should make them into just plain parts.

Hope this helped!


Actually, another good link here. You may want to read this also. If you’re using the same union multiple times, it may be better to stick to that, but if you’re using multiple different unions, then parts may be better.


But then, would part count be yet another cause for lag?

Edited my last answer,

But in general you may want to investigate to see if there’s a memory leak in any scripts also. I would say that may be more likely the issue than the graphics being poorly optimized. As far as Unions go, they definitely seem to have their issues.

Found some helpful resources for you:


I agree, I’ll definitely optimise my scripts. The only thing that concerned me though was that GraphicsTexture was using a lot of memory, and I’m fairly sure that isn’t related to the scripts. I could be wrong. :wink:

If you want to reduce lag head over to Roblox Studio and follow these steps below.

1.Click “File” in the top right
2.Find “Rendering” and click on it-it comes with a little warning but its ok just click ok
3.Once you’ve clicked rendering find “Quality Level” and if you want to optimise your game set it to Level01

Extra tip if you want to use it.
1.In Rendering(i think) find “Game options” and set to no graphics.-this doesn’t take away the graphics but it improves lag

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