Redundant Trade Tab should be removed

As most of us know, the summary was moved under the Robux logo top right of the screen. Although I am assuming Roblox is going to revamp the page we’re still left with a redundant trade items tab despite the fact most of us were likely directed to that page through the new trade tab e.g.

Old page with old tab:


Our guidance to the tab, which is also a redirect back to the page if you click the Trade Items tab:

I’m sure a lot of people will agree, I hope it becomes more implied as to where transactions and summary is as its a pretty important feature for seeing where your Robux has gone to - especially for parents.


There’s also a problem with that tab where, after clicking the “Trade Items” tab, it changes the URL on Money.aspx to Money.aspx#/#TradeItems_tab which then is what actually triggers the redirect. Which means that you can’t go back to Money.aspx using the browser’s “back” button if you’ve clicked the “Trade Items” tab, as it will land on Money.aspx#/#TradeItems_tab and redirect back to the new Trades page.


For me anyway, when I click on a trade, it sometimes (8/10 times) says “Invalid user” and won’t load. When I press Accept/Decline/Counter trade, it would take agessssss to load. Just me?

(for those wondering, I know I don’t have premium, but my brother does and we trade on there :wink: )

I think this happens when you do loads of actions within the site in a short amount of time, you can replicate this by opening up around 10 groups in a single go - the first 3 will load and the rest will sometimes say “Unable to Load”.

It is rather tragic however, as the previous site never did this for me. But as they say “comfort is the enemy of progress”, you’ve got to bare with it as at least its more aesthetically pleasing.

Changed this into a feature request since calling it a bug is a bit of a stretch – it was recently changed and I’m sure they’re planning to resolve the strange UX here eventually.