RE:Fencing Controls

RE:Fencing Controls

:white_small_square: Move Forward | Backward: key W | S
:white_small_square: Tap G | Tap G Again: Reveal Slots | Conceal Slots
:white_small_square: Scroll For/Back (When Slots are active): Switch Slot
:white_small_square: Left Mouse Click (When Slots are active): Click on selected slot
:white_small_square: Left Mouse Click (When Parry is still active/held and when Slots are Concealed): Riposte
:white_small_square: Tap Q: Switch Walkspeed Cycles (From Preset 1 to Preset 2) [Unavailable atm]
:white_small_square: Tap E: Simultaneous Move [Unavailable atm]
:white_small_square: Tap T: (Quick Timeout) [Unavailable atm]
:white_small_square: Right Mouse Click: Parry
:white_small_square: Shift: Retreat
:white_small_square: Left Ctrl: Dash
:white_small_square: Tap F: Feint