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It has recently come to my “attention” that decals of inanimate guns are not allowed. I didn’t realize they weren’t allowed, considering… well, it isn’t anywhere in the community rules, and not only that but literally tens of thousands of games have working, realistic models of guns.

But I digress – if I’m going to receive warnings for non-violent images of Glock 17’s for use as references, then I request a reference image feature in studio so that I may upload images onto parts/into the workspace to my liking without getting banned.

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You can put an image asset in the “content” folder of your Roblox install and access it as rbxasset://<filename> if you need a way to work around this for the time being, keeping in mind that this workaround is not an officially supported workflow, it just happens to work at the moment.

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Thanks, that works, I was under the impression that any decals you use had to be uploaded to the website – even in studio.

I wrote a plugin that solves this exact usecase, btw. It uses PromptImportFile :slight_smile:


That’s super useful, thanks

Still don’t know how a gun is against the rules tho :upside_down_face:

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