References to medicine in game?

My team and I are designing a game loosely set in a hospital with medically accurate scenarios. In one sequence, the player plays as a Doctor and has to save patients based on their condition. For example, if a patient has low blood pressure, the game will prompt the player to retrieve Norepi (Norepinephrine).

From what I could find on other threads people have advised against using names like “Tylenol” and instead replacing items like that with potions. Other threads imply that any mention of any drug of any kind is against TOS, while only specifically mentioning illicit drugs like marijuana. Would mentioning real medication for use in a realistic medical scenario be against the TOS?

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Couple of things I found

probably the most important one out of these

I haven’t read thru them so you might have to… sorry lol

Looks like it’s prohibited, thanks.

Illegal and Regulated Goods and Activities
We do not allow users to discuss or engage in illegal activities or encourage others to do so on Roblox. We also prohibit the discussion, depiction, or promotion of some illegal and regulated goods or activities. This includes:

  • Controlled substances such pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, as well as as alcohol, tobacco, vaping, and their associated paraphernalia
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use medicine names from space station 13 game. most of them doesn’t exist irl, but they sound like they do

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