Refined Slashing Visual Effect

I been trying and attempting to recreate what this video I found on accident was able to achieve.

The visuals of the slashing effect is very pleasing but when I try recreating it, it doesn’t have the same energy.

it would be great if anyone can suggest me ideas how to improve the visuals of the slash?

  • the trails/effects your using, try reducing the light influence setting and increase the light emission or brightness

  • i can’t tell from the angle of the camera if your character steps forward, but it looks like it doesn’t. The character in the other video steps forward while striking.

  • i think you need to reduce the lifetime of your trails and improve the precision of the timing and positioning of them. Ensuring you alter the trail properties from the client can help improve this too, especially if the animation is also loaded from the client.

If i think of anything else, I’ll let you know


The slashing effect I did was achieved by using a slashing flat sphere mesh with the slash texture on it.

And the texture changes with renderstep

I used this method but is it more suggested to use trails?

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That method looks better than trails actually. Trails generate trails after any movement so you might get unwanted stuff generated when you bump into things, but your method ensures consistency.

Perhaps messing with the vertex colours will get your splashes to glow a bit more, which I think would look nicer. Adjusting some parameters in the code may make your trails match the animation timings better.

Are your animation keyframes all linear or do you adjust the easing style sometimes? Adjusting the easing style can make the animations look more natural.