Reflection probes

I don’t know where to post this but the developer forum is the only place where I can ask for help, well it all started with my idea of ​​creating some reflections probes similar to the one in this video the case is that I managed to achieve something similar but I did not achieve that the character is reflected or that it is in real time more than everything is static so I need help to know how I can create reflections like this

I think you have to script in order to reflect a character

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hm it would be very difficult to do that

Yes, that’s why it’s rare to see games that have reflection probes.

These reflection probes in the video were a proof of concept during Roblox’s annual hack week. They never were implemented into the production build of Roblox.

If you want to make reflections, your best bet is using ViewPortFrames. There are already several devforum topics regarding this. See: [Open-Sourced!] ViewportFrame Camera System

All I would have to see is to be mindful about your game’s performance when constantly throwing thousands of instances into a ViewPortFrame and constantly re-rendering it every frame.


if it sounds like a good idea but the viewport frame does not adapt to objects like decals are

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