Refreshing on the settings page gives you a 404 error

Page URL: Talent Hub
Browser version: Chrome Version 92.0.4515.131(Windows Build)
Impact: Low
Frequency: Consistently
Date First Experienced: 8/13/21
Date Last Experienced: 8/13/21

Reproduction Steps:
Note: This issue also occurs if you try and click a link to the settings page.

  1. Go to the talent hub settings page
  2. Refresh your page

For those who can’t access the talent hub:

Expected Behavior: It should bring me back to the settings page.
Actual Behavior: It gives me a 404 error, as if the page didn’t exist.

Workaround: Manually go back to the settings page.


Thank you for reporting this! We’re aware of the issue, and it’s on our todo list to resolve.


Should be fixed now. Do reply if you still experience this bug.


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