Refurb'd v1.3 | Revamped Studio Icons

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gonna bump this since some people dont quite like the new Studio Icons roblox rolled out, so, consider using these if you like them!

for people who have the new class icons, i have no idea how to change your icons via local files

as of now, use Roblox Studio Mod Manager until theres a way to do it


Absolutely awesome, i am enjoying using this.

Great work!

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All i know is that you can change all the Toolbox icons and some other stuff.

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Correct me if Im wrong, but I think there is actually no way to replace the new icons.

The ClassImages.png file remained the same after I updated, but I have the new icons

EDIT: The FFlagStudioQtSVGIcons and FFlagSVGLuaIcons FFlags control it

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You can use this to fix the flag needed.

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What new icons??? I dont have them?? (Still have the old class icons) (Could you send screenshot of them)

Pretty sure the new ones are rolling out to a random percentage of users. (which is stupid btw, the beta channel exists, why do they do it like this???) Anyways, here are the icons:
In the explorer:

The topbar:

Somewhat prefer them. (However why didnt they just modernize the current ones like some icon pakcs did)

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i like the topbar, but the class icons look terrible, I agree with what @AllabyAIIaby said -

with the new update this not work sad x’(

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An admin explained how to change your icons in this post

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that looks really promising, ill look into it and try to make this pack in that format, thank you!!!

@ProbablyKelp question: what this pack licensed under? Is it open sourced? Can I use it in my own creations (out of studio)?