Regarding Audio plagiarism, and speeding up audio to make it cheaper to upload

I have two questions relating to Audio.

  1. I am wanting to collaborate with a music artist, and is asking to use one of the songs she has made. What sorts of proof would I need to show that I got the thumbs-up to use it?

  2. Is it allowed to speed up an audio just to tweak the playbackspeed when having the audio actually being played. This is because the music is 2 minutes 10 seconds long. And would cost 350 robux if I were to upload it. If I shortened it to 2 minutes, then it would only cost 70. Therefore the extra ten seconds would be the difference of 280 robux. I’ve read the Roblox Community Rules which say

  • Distorted audio, including excessively slowing down or speeding up the audio content to make it indiscernible, and audio that is excessively loud including screaming, high-pitched or excessive noises are not permitted.

Does “excessively speeding up the audio content to make it indiscernible” count if it was sped up by such a fraction to make it 10 seconds shorter?

If you can still understand the words it’s ok, It would just sound like a nightcore song. The real problem is when you can’t understand any word, that would be bannable.

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Would there be a difference in quality if I sped it up when publishing then slowed it down in game by tweaking playbackspeed?

I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be any difference in quality.

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  1. I believe any screenshots showing an agreement (e.g. over DMs) with the artist would suffice, but it would always be best to have proof of a signed agreement confirming you’re allowed to use the audio instead.

  2. You should be allowed to do this, so long as any lyrics in the song are still clear. I believe this is because of moderation; if songs are sped up or slowed down excessively then it can be more difficult to detect inappropriate content within the audio.

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Yes, yes it would. When you inevitably export the audio into .mp3 for example the data is compressed and therefore you lose the definition you had when it was slowed down.

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