Regarding Casino Games

Regarding the casino games:
I am aware that I an unable to sell the currency for ROBUX due to it being connected. However, if I add hourly rewards and have a chance to double those rewards for players who want to play more, is that still considered a real-life money tie? It’s a game pass, not a gamble. Also, would it be fine to have a “cash-back” option that gives back 10% of all losses for ROBUX or long time players? What are the “limitations?”

I believe any connection, or any ‘indirect’ reference to real life money when it comes to gambling is against the rules.

To answer your question, if you were to have a gamepass to increase the chances of doubling a non-developer product currency, is technically a gamble, since it’s still tied to real life money in an indirect way.

However, if the currency has no ties to any real life money or spending of money whatsoever, then players are allowed to bet with said currency. An example of this is in my game(still in development), there’s a feature where you can bet on pvp matches on who will win, yet the currency you bet is tickets, which can be spent to buy exclusive armor, weaponry, etc. This is technically not against the rules, as the tickets have no direct or indirect connection to real life money or any buyable currency in the game.

A list of things that could most likely work for a betting system or gamble.

  • Developer product currency can buy lootboxes which can give special items, but cannot give back a lower or higher amount of money. A lot of games use this system.
  • Using non-developer product currency which can be earned via mini-games or hourly rewards that can be gambled off to be spent on items, but can’t be bought via developer products or by another currency which can be bought by a developer product. (Like your idea, except without a gamepass)
  • A daily gamble system(each gambling system can be played or spun each day) for ex: A rewards wheel can be spun 10x each day for a chance to earn rewards without spending any currency, reference the game ‘The Plaza’ for this system.

That’s all the ideas and comments I have, hope this helps!

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