Regarding texturing in blender and importing them to studio

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. My model should have proper texturing when loaded into studio.

  2. Problem, the model I have made is textured in blender, baked and all, and all of the materials have a blank color attribute as well as an image texture, and when I attempt to place the texture onto the model when it is loaded into studio, it does nothing.

What it should look like in studio/what it looks like in blender:

vs. what it actually looks like in studio, and yes I have tried to apply the texture ID onto it:

  1. I have messed around with it a bit, and tried searching online, but I don’t know how best to phrase my problem to get results.

Edit: I’ve solved it, and the answer was much simpler and due to a simple error. I was exporting with .fbx, and though this is a viable option for exporting the mesh, exporting as .obj yields a desirable outcome in this regard. I do not know why it successfully textured and scaled the .obj file as opposed to the .fbx file, but here we are.

after exporting a .obj (also the model is cool scaled up as a well so I’ll be releasing it here for free):