Regarding the recent changes to the camera

I’ve noticed that even with the camera type being Scriptable, it’s still getting interfered by the core camera script, will this be a permanent thing or is it just a temporary bug?

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You may need to set the CameraType every frame instead of just setting it once – to verify this, go check the camera’s current CameraType during a test.

It could also be being set once, and then overridden as the core script does its thing.


I see, thanks I’ll try it out.

Well, it still keeps getting interfered…

Damn, have you verified that it’s the core scripts causing the issue?

I haven’t updated my game since the 18th of may, it was working completely fine, until last week when the roblox update was published, hitboxes started lagging intensely that even high end pcs would freeze within the span of their existence (fixed by toggling PGS back on), and the scriptable camera also started getting interfered so that it wouldn’t go inside objects sometimes and just stay on their surface.

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Some people are having the same issue too but I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this post before.