Regarding users paying UGC creators to upload a model for them

A while back I remember seeing that it was against the ToS for a UGC creator to accept payment in return for uploading a model on behalf of the payee, and I remember finding it in the ToS. Now, however, I can not find that particular section no matter how hard I look, and I’ve read and re-read the ToS at least a dozen times by now.

Could someone knowledgeable in the ToS direct me to this particular section?

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Could be wrong but I have a feeling like you’ve gotten confused with an existing provision under Roblox Economy (30) which has the word model since you’re using that word specifically:

  • Inappropriate use of the group payout system, including offering payment in Robux for acting as a model for assets, joining groups, referring members, or role-playing in experiences.

This relates to something different which is paying someone to showcase or “model” (the fashion-kind of modelling) an asset. This doesn’t have anything to do with commissioning a UGC accessory creator for an accessory or having it uploaded to your group.

I’m not knowledgeable about the circumstances around UGC accessories so I can’t even give you a rough interpretation of what should be fine in this regard and I don’t want to tell you what I think because if that’s inaccurate and not permitted it could lead to some avoidable moderation action, so sorry that I can’t adequately answer your question.

You may have some luck asking someone actually in the program.

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Good point. I think I’ve met a couple, so I’ll see about getting in contact with them. Thanks.