Region3 position help

This is a branch off post of:

I’m making an entirely new post because, I’ll just get to it, I’ve never seen it done before and I’m doubting it’s existence.

What I’m looking to achieve is to clear a specific terrain region.

So far I currently have this script:

local ClearPosition = game.Workspace.post1.Position;

local Region =,1,1),,50,5));

local VISUAL ="Part", workspace)
VISUAL.Anchored = true
VISUAL.Size = Region.Size;
VISUAL.CFrame = Region.CFrame

workspace.Terrain:FillRegion(Region:ExpandToGrid(4), 4, 1792) 

The green part is the Post1 part seen in the script. The grey part is the visual created.

I’m really just confused on in general. The developer site doesn’t really give a lot of information about Region3, atleast not what I’m looking for.

I’m trying to create a Region that contains all of the terrain by Post1. Getting the specific size of the terrain next to it is probably too advanced, so creating just a huge region (in size) around it would work fine.

I don’t know how to position a region if that makes sense? Like how could I move the visual region part over to Post1?

TL;DR: I want to be able to position a Region, yes I’m that clueless. Any replies would help.