Regional Servers Request

(This topic is supposed to go to Feature Request, but I cannot post it there, I’d like to have it moved there.)

As a Roblox player, it’s difficult to have a good and smooth experience when it comes to Ping. I’ve played ROBLOX for 5 years, I play since 2014, and I’ve always suffered with High Ping (Average of 210-250ms).

My suggestion is that, as a south american player, me and other south americans would love immensely for an addition of a south american regional server. Many players on Roblox play from South America, and they know how hard it is to play Sword Fighting Games, FPS games with a high ping. It’s bad, it’s annoying, our experience is ruined.

I am from Brazil, and Brazil is the third country that most plays Roblox, it’d be awesome to have a regional server placed close to us, or close to our neighbour countries, so that our experience in Roblox is easy and smooth.

Many players, and me including, would be very thankful for the addition of regional servers, as gameplays are gonna be smoothier and with much less lag. I am not the only one making a topic about regional servers, many people have already done that, but I’m afraid they all got ignored.

It is sad that we have to play Roblox while having a bad experience with Ping. Please Roblox, you’d be making an immense favor to all south american players by making a regional server here. I, and other players, continue to suffer and we still have a small hope that what we request can be given sometime.


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