RegisterKeyframeSequence() not working as documented

I’ve been reliably using RegisterKeyframeSequence() as a method for testing my animation sequences before uploading them, and have been having no issues for the past few months.
However, today after getting home I ran into an issue with it. It seems that the animation ID is no longer returned, and what seems to be the actual asset ID? (If you were to download the asset)
E.g. instead of XYZYZY for the ID, it returns: 4e40e43ca6bc7535ec100beeebd040a3

for i, keyframe in ipairs(keyframes.Weapons:GetChildren()) do
	local asset = game:GetService("KeyframeSequenceProvider"):RegisterKeyframeSequence(keyframe)
	local animation ="Animation",anims.Weapons)
	animation.Name = keyframe.Name
	animation.AnimationId = asset -- <-- incorrect asset ID


Maybe it is something on my end, but I have not touched this portion of my code in weeks which leads me to believe it is on ROBLOX’s end.

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