Regression: Script tabs don't save in Run anymore

As of today’s update I am no longer able to keep tabs of scripts open after clicking ‘Run’ in studio.


Open a script
Press Run
Tab for the script you opened is now gone until you press Stop


I am also having this bug :frowning:

Can confirm because it just happened to me.

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I can also confirm, just replicated this.

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Can confirm, originally thought it was a feature for some reason


This is an intentional change. Script tabs are now per datamodel mode (Edit, Play, Server, etc.).

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This is terrible for my UX :frowning: :-1:


My workflow is:

  • Open script to edit
  • Run game and find problem
  • Open script to find issue
  • Fix issue
  • Stop and re-run

so I agree that this can be inconvenient. I don’t want to stop the game to edit the script because I lose access to the current game state (e.g. if the issue is that generated constraints are funky (not an error), once I stop the game I can no longer inspect them). Since I can’t stop the game, I may have to expand ~5 levels of folders or more to get to the script and open it again while the game is running. Again, the problem may not always be an error, so I don’t always have the stack trace to click on to open the script.

Maybe instead of the whole script tab bar being per datamodel, it can show every script but denote the tabs per datamodel (e.g. by color)? That should provide parity with legacy play solo: it showed all tabs from edit and client/server, so the only case where accurate play solo would display more is if the same script was opened on the client and the server. I can’t think of a case why a developer would need to do that.


This is actually a very serious problem for me. I just realized that the tabs also sync when the game state changes to the actual FILE itself.

For the past few days I’ve had 3-4 of the same file open testing various little changes. Now I’ve realized why they keep erroring… they’ve secretly been syncing together various scripts across each studio instance and it’s causing me a lot of stress/lost work :frowning:

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I’m not sure what you’re doing in this scenario, can you elaborate? This might be an unintended side-effect.