[Regression] Something unexpectedly tried to set the parent of TouchInterest to NULL while trying to set the parent of TouchInterest. Current parent is Handle

Getting this error in a specific situation (deleting a server replicated humanoid from the server in response to a remoteevent fire).

This is causing a regression where things that were properly delete-replicated previously (before the patch last night) are not being deleted.

You can see this for yourself in this game:

Where characters are locally duplicated (join the game, play a match and come back to the lobby to see a clone of yourself). Unfortunately I’m out of time in my lunch break so can’t dig any deeper to what exactly is going on.

Anything related to “touchinterests” changed recently?

@LordRugdumph Likely unrelated to the replication change (that got reverted), but can’t hurt to ask.

re: this got fixed some time around 12pm-2pm EST

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