Regular+ Categories Can be Written by a Member

Reproduction Steps:

As far as I know, it is not possible to create this topic without the required trust level. However, it should not be an option here in the first place.


I would attempt to post a test topic and immediately withdrawn it, to see if its actually an internal bug or a visual one. I am scared however this would look out of place.

It’d likely say access denied. However, this shouldn’t be displayed in the first place.

Yes, it doesn’t allow me to post one

uuhhh they can’t do the same steps in #lounge so only for #feature-requests or #bug-reports (even though they can contact @Bug-Support to report bugs)

Thanks for the report. This is likely intentional Discourse design to let you quote something and then post it somewhere where you can post.

Recommend bringing it up on if you care enough about the UX to see it fixed. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed from previous topics you have made, we don’t have much appetite for very small UX problems like this since the impact of fixing these is extremely low and they are not located in code that we wrote ourselves, so we can’t justify the time investment.


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