Regular Rank on Dev Forum Proposal

Hello, So The ability to level up on the dev forum has been removed for a long time now, and honestly is fair to give everyone a chance to report bugs and post in almost any category like regular members can.

So would it be a good idea to rank a Member Regular if you have at least one gold badge?

In other words one of these badges

If you get one of these badges it means you are listened to by the community and I assume you are mature enough to post in the other categories as well

  • What do you think?
  • Would that be a good feature?

Thank you.


A few weeks ago one person had their twitter following boost their feature request to 1000+ likes. This idea is exploitable and turns the forum into a badge contest.


To access the dev forum you must have an roblox account, which must necessarily be a member following the tutorial, It is a bit difficult to botting the system.

You need to bypass like 2-3 Captcha, you also need to have a verified email.

Twitter followers are typically not bots. It’s exploitable by human means. All it takes is one popular person on social media sniping people with shoutouts to rank them up.


Well, what you say is also right but then they could give it as well as get a gold badge also for what you use the dev forum and how much you use it.

They should definitely upgrade this system, and give the option to Rank up.

I don’t agree with this method, but I don’t really have any ideas. We need a rank up system. Without it, it’s made people’s lives harder for things like reporting bugs and stuff.

Anyways, I believe ranking up should have multiple requirements. Looking at stats, we can get an idea of what a good system would be. Maybe something like this to become a regular: (Most of these can be proven based on badges, so maybe having multiple certain badges)

  • a years worth (365) of days visited or more (Devotee badge)
  • a certain amount of read time
  • a certain amount of topics/post viewed
  • a certain amount of likes
  • a certain amount of topics/posts created
  • a certain amount of likes received
  • a certain amount of solutions

Edit: So not one gold badge, but multiple badges in general. :person_shrugging:


While I do want regular to come back just as much as basically everyone else does, this is not the way to do it, there are very easy ways to exploit the badge system even without external interference. For example, posting first on an announcement usually gets you more likes, etc. This would also make members not express their own opinions in favour of the majority’s opinion as that would get the more likes. Then you have external factors like people asking for likes for their DevForum posts on other social medias.

This may be true right now because badges mean nothing, but the second you attach regular to it, people who are not mature enough on the forum for regular will farm badges.

Anyway, from what I’ve seen, Roblox seems to be hinting at the automation of bug-reports and feature-requests, which if that does happen, we could see regular removed in the future.

This is an extremely difficult badge to get, i would have received it last year but missed 2 days of the year towards the begging of the year and a few days at the end which reset the entire process. Hopefully ill get it this year :pray:


Man, that must suck.

Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:

Hard disagree. This is extremely abusable.

If you’re one of the first people to reply to a big announcement post and optionally do the usual view boosting stuff (replying directly to the top post, making the reply a decent size) the great reply badge is basically free.

Great topic is also relatively free if you’re a good dev. I’ll admit that a lot of good devs deserve regular, but if it’s as easy as posting a good resource on #resources and getting lucky with the RNG on having people see + heart it, you have an easy great topic on your hands without much need to be an actual devforum regular (in the sense of how much you use it)

Plus, that aside, regular shouldn’t be a numbers game. While having big numbers and lots of badges should definitely be a considering point for it, it really shouldn’t decide the whole thing.

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No, I would say people who have either really high solutions or very active on the forum. People who contributed to Roblox(important developer, former admins) would also deserver to be as a regular.

Gold badges are in no way a good indication of if a user is active and contributes to the forum.

Take my own profile, for example:

over 100 solutions and 5d worth of read time, yet I have no gold badges

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Hey @Sonostrano20 , to make sure all the feedback is aggregated in one place, please support one of the existing topics on this issue!

For example, an existing request to allow everyone to submit bug reports can be found here: The Forum should make a bug report for "members"

And here is one for feature requests: Please make every members be able to post feature requests

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