The Forum should make a bug report for "members"

DevForum member’s should be able to post on bug-reports

It’s common knowledge that you can’t be in a “regular” anymore furthermore you can’t be post on #bug-reports. Support is great. However, even support gets busy and can’t work on everything at once. Bug report for members is one of the most highly requested forum features.

Idea for the sub-forum:

  • I would make a “sub forum” for members so, they can get attention for a bug, hack or misuse of technology. This could include advance help such as a error that only impacts one user. It doesn’t have to be that complex, similar to the bug-report where you can get help or fix a bug.

  • Another suggestion is you can change #bug for which everyone can report any bug.

  • Another idea is to make one forum where similar problems can be solved.

Do you support this?
  • Yes, this very annoying everyone should be able post there
  • Na, only Regular’s should be able to post in bug report @Bug-Support
  • Limits should apply

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Contact @Bug-Support


Bug support could work but, just everyone be able to use #bug-reports


Additionally, there is no #feature-requests replacement for members, unlike us having @Bug-Support for #bug-reports.

Also, making a public bug report would help others discuss it if no one else had had that bug yet.


Its annoying that we cant post in certain topics until we get ranked up, and yet we cant get ranked up

So I guess we should be able to post in other topics, because sometimes bug supports ges kind of busy, or sometimes I dont wanna do it


I have had studio bugs, and i still cant post in #bug-reports:studio-bugs . This is not funny at all, because i’ve been on the forum for 3 months (As of now) and still no regular present. Did they just shut down regular?


Regular was shut-down over two years ago. Beside three months is really nothing, I have been in the platform for a while and nothing came out of it. However there is a chance of regular coming back, though.


Bug-Support is dead for over two months already.


DET is “working” on a replacement for Regular. Alas its taking them forever


Roblox should really change this. The ratio is way to big to not be added as an update.

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I still don’t understand why we can’t use #bug-reports or #feature-requests, this should be changed.

In this question in which when the Regular rank will be more open is being discussed instead, I couldn’t find a single reply to the actual question, out of the four replies from staff/DevRel members.

I’ve never contacted @Bug-Support but from what others say, I don’t think it’s that good. I’m not saying that they aren’t doing their jobs correctly, it could also be because of the fact that contacting @Bug-Support simply cannot replace the much better #bug-reports.

If they will not “enable” regular anytime soon, my solution to this would be to make a “non-verified” bug report/feature request category for members. If the bug report/feature request turns out to be well-written, it could be moved to #bug-reports or #feature-requests. Perhaps regulars could vote for it to be added there, and after a certain amount of votes, it would automatically be moved to the regular-only category. The low quality ones would be discarded.

I think that making it possible to rank up to Regular is the best solution, and I don’t understand why it’s taking so long. I’d be happy if someone could quote a staff/devrel member about that.


It’s not rocket science. They don’t have a good way to sort through the huge stream of duplicates and additional replies they would get if they just went ahead and opened up the floodgates with the current system.


This could be said about @Bug-Support which it seems has been overwhelmed with bug reports, right now the system is set up so regulars get ‘fast-tracked’ for bugs, while members get stuck with the overwhelmed bug-support group. Opening the category, off-puts that overwhelment to the much larger (from what I’ve seen) bug report filing team with the cost of regulars having the same slow report speed as members. So the issue is more likely got to do with other factors other than just ‘they’ll get overwhelmed’.


The bug report category has all sorts of systems attached that do automated tasks based on what is posted, notifying teams etc. It’s “fine” if Bug-Support has duplicates or a backlog because that doesn’t yet have all these workflows attached.

Waiting sucks but the bug report category will be useless if there’s so much content from inexperienced users that doesn’t meet the format / is a duplicate of an existing post that staff won’t be able to effectively address any feedback anymore.

From my personal experience with post approval at least 50% of requests were duplicates, probably closer to 80% if you open it up entirely since Post Approval / Bug-Support are quite out of the way currently so users that find it are at least a bit savvy.

TLDR; it’s not as simple as just opening it up, they need some way to effectively sort and prioritize and auto-combine through all the incoming content.


That the only thing I agree “Waiting sucks but the bug report category will be useless if there’s so much content from inexperienced users that doesn’t meet the format”.

However instead I say instead of only regular people who have long read-time’s or a high valued member of the Roblox Community.

Long read time has no bearing on how engaged you are as a developer, and “high valued member” is not a criteria you can measure or scale very well. This is why this is still a problem.

I think recently they have been ranking up some people if they spend a lot of time in Studio and have contributed to top experiences which I think is a good in-between solution.


Defiantly not.

Considering the amount of immature children on this forum now, engineers would not be able to see bug reports that are actual bug reports.


How come active member’s of forum can’t post anything on the #bug-reports well they days of read-time?

This is not a good way to think of it, there are some major issues I reported to bug-support which have received no response, these issues make certain features unusable so they are real issues.


Just because you are member that doesn’t mean that your not active or mature.