ReInvent - Roblox Inventory Reinvented (or remade)


What is this?

ReInvent is a remake of the Roblox Inventory/Backpack GUI from the ground up. This is supposed to replace it with new features and a new look overall.

This asset is free and open-source, and I do not require you to give credit.

Here below is a full showcase of how it looks and functions


This asset includes:

  • A brand new clean UI
  • Basic features that came with the original one such as:
  • Search
  • Tranfering the tools from the hotbar to the backpack and vice versa
  • pressing on numbers to equip
  • Tooltip and Texture image support
  • Animations to make the UI feel more alive.
  • Plug and play installation
  • Only visible when needed

Using it

Just put the item in StarterGui. Its that simple.


  • ~ to open and close the backpack
  • 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 to equip and unequip things

Acquiring it

You can get this model for free from

Or via the git hub repo


About this version…

This is only v1.1, and its not fully complete, so I’m really sorry if its still bug ridden. Im going to continue to work on it.


You may contribute to this asset by making edits and making pull requests via the posted repository above. If you can’t code yet, however, you may make bug reports, I want this to be as good as possible, so many can enjoy it.


I can assure you this isn’t a virus. I have not needed a require() when making this. So if you find one in the code, the one you got isn’t the real one.


So far nothing is incompatible with this model, So it should be fine when putting it in your game.

Other than that,

I hope that you find this asset useful when making your own games! :hidere:


v1.1.2 - Several changes made, please visit GitHub repository for more info

  • Added a attribute to the GUI object that allows you to limit how many cells can be at the hotbar
  • Made the hotbar background invisible, this can be changed
  • Fixed the cell look.

Cheers. Lucarkirb / tbg1010


you can still use Player.Backpack and put tools in the backpack, or use :EquipTool or :UnequipTools, or :SetCoreGuiEnabled(Backpack, false) with this right? this functions exactly the same as the base backpack but just looks different?

Yes, This is supposed to work with
:EquipTool() and :UnequipTools()
However, this uses :SetCoreGuiEnabled(Backpack, false) to replace the old UI with the new one


So if i were to want to disable the UI like the function :SetCoreGuiEnabled would I have to disable the UI through PlayerGui GUI.Enabled = false

on the side, is this true?

Yes. Note its has to be this way as I have zero control over roblox core GUI except for :SetCoreGuiEnabled

I assume so, I assumed I replicated everything from the old system.


the backpack system is mobile compatible?

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When I made this, I didn’t have mobile compatibility in mind. But thanks for reminding me. v1.2 will have full support for mobile.


Very clean and fluid UI, i’ll probably use this in my games because it seems very well made!

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The UI is way too big, and the white outline of the UI looks bad in my opinion. I’d say just make it look like the normal one, round it a bit, add a bit of tweening, and there you go. Also the tool hover UI looks like there’s no space for the text, and the positioning is awkward.


I’d just say when you hover over your inventory, just make the text follow your mouse and the frame background be transparent. TextStroke is good enough.

Also, the menu for the backpack that pops up when you press " ` ", the tween for it coming up into position like that is slow and choppy, because when it goes back down, the UI shrinks and it makes the X button and the scroll bar collide, making it look bad.

I’d just like the idea of it tweening into transparency instead of going up and down, because if UI like this were used in realistic games, it’d stand out and look cartoony.

More onto the hovering, when you hover over the tool (with it being deselected), you can see a bit of clipping.


There’s more clipping with the tool icon and the search frame, and there’s also clipping between the search frame and the other frame.


Also why is there a background for the UI?


Anyways, I’m finished criticizing. I see a lot of potential in this and maybe customization would fix all these issues. Looks good and could fit into many games if just configured right.

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Thanks for the criticism.

About the UI animations. IMO, they do not look cartoony, but this is subjective I assume. I feel this is more modern, plus I’ve seen this type of slide animation used in modern UI animations before. However, this is, like I said, subjective and It really depends on the game, in just making this while having the design principles of the new Roblox UI for the client in mind.

The clipping is my fault for believing that the UI corner would affect clip descendants. I’ll fix it soon

to be fair I also don’t know why I made this design choice… I will fix it soon.

I think this is a better design choice as well. Something ill take into consideration

This is something that I’m trying to fix as well.

Once again, I thank you for your criticism. I will try to fix these in v1.2 soon.


Hello :slight_smile: I noticed that you have a different Toolbox layout with categories and things like Structures and Lights. Can you tell me what that is about?

I recommend blurring the image of the tool in the background a little bit more, to make the text labeling the name of the tool easier to read.


oh, that’s Roblox new toolbox update if I’m not wrong.
if you don’t have the update, is probably because it’s still in beta, but i think they released it out to everyone already


Yes I checked and they did. It’s just I never have my toolbox open so I never noticed :skull: