Rejoin Script not working!

I’m trying to make a rejoin script where If someone clicks a GUI or types a rejoin command then they rejoin.

This is the script that I got and it makes them leave and joins another game but that game never loads.

game:GetService("TeleportService"):Teleport(game.PlaceId, game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer);

This is more than likely due to the server shutting down when you rejoin

Consider teleporting them instead to a Reversed Server using TeleportToPrivateServer

It’s obviously not working because it’s a LocalScript, I can tell.

It has to be a Script, not a LocalScript.
Second, you shouldn’t put LocalPlayer, because on a LocalScript, that exists, however on a Script, it doesn’t.

The Teleport function can work either on the client or server side

But for the Teleport function on the client side, you can just simply do


No need to change it to a regular Server Script if it’s being activated by a GUI

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