[RELEASE] CFade 1.0 | Seamless crossfading between audios


CFade is a module you can use to seamlessly transition between audios to create evolving soundscapes based on whatever parameter you choose to define.

For example, you want to make a piano louder; One could simply do this with a volume knob, but with CFade you mash layers of the same sample but with a different intensity, this means the piano wouldn’t only be louder, but would also be played at a higher velocity.

To do this you would have to record a piano played at different intensities and use CFade as means to fade between them without compromising the sound quality.

This module should offer you a flexible sound choice when developing a delicate sound object with a variety of layers, for several different situations. Such as a scary soundscape or perhaps a much lighter one.

Although there could be other kinds of uses for this. Depending on how the developer wants to approach the usage. You may as well use it as a song player that fades between different songs, that’s also possible!

To accomplish this you will have to create layered songs from external software and later import them into the module.

Please read the documentation, as there are useful examples and APIs documented.

You can find a demonstration of the tool being used in this game.

You can get the tool (And a slider GUI based on it) here

Please leave any feedback in the comments, and thank you for giving us your time.

~Lordbasw and ClodexThePill


some output spam from some private audios inside the module, but otherwise useful module

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