[Release] Custom character controller


maybe i could “fork” your project with some changes i’ve made to it


I created a github which is just the placefiles for now, but at least its a way to fork and so forth.


Just want to start off by saying thank you. You’ve been spending a lot of time making resource after resource, all of which are amazing, and then distributing them for public use. This is yet again extremely useful.


You could only revert to normal gravity if they’re falling sideways / upwards long enough. E.g.


Ofc, this is only applicable to some games. Not all games may find this helpful (e.g. space game where you want them to fall upwards into the sun).

Also, would also be nice if this was adaptable to more use cases i.e.

  • I can provide just a vector for gravity instead of both a basepart and a normal
  • Expose non-update part of update (finding the hit surface) as a public function for use in manual updates
  • Decouple updateFakeWorld/updateCharacter from auto-setting of walking surface
    • Use case: For flying capital ships, I don’t want players walking up the sides of walls, but I want to manually set them to snap to the ship’s floor when they spawn and enter the ship
  • Public way to get the player’s current gravity vector


Thank you!

Beautiful feedback as always and those are all fantastic suggestions. Most of those should be trivial to add so I’ll probably do that tmr and update the post. Thanks again!


While play testing I found that any R15 player height that is greater than 100% seems to make it so the transition from flat ground to rotated ground makes you trip.


Player height you mean?


Indeed. (changed the wording of my post)


Alright, I think I have an idea of why that may be I’ll look into it. Thanks!


Definitely making a game with this! Great work man! ill be sure to give credits


this physics engine is defenaly better than roblox thier’s


This would be a great addition to this resource, I would love to see it implemented


I tried this myself and was not having any issues with it. Is it perhaps a certain item you are wearing or a certain part you are walking on?


At last I can make the space game of my dreams. Thank you.


super roblox galaxy anyone? would require changing the camera scripts though.


I am honored to have you steal some of my code and glad you found it useful!


This is beyond words. I can’t thank you and your friends enough for this system. It is the key component to a VERY huge portion of basically every game I own.


is it me or does this kill the user sometimes randomly?


You nailed that missing feature!

A great suggestion too, which could also be using for more usage-reliable way of reverting the gravity direction. (Checking if the vector has no end when the character is falling.)


I actually think this is quite useful in general. You could not only use this for gravity based games but ROBLOX were actually thinking of installing a sort of “Humanoid Platform” to prevent stuttering in player’s characters as a boat or object that they’re standing on moves. I’m probably not going to do this but potentially this could be modified to the exact same thing.
Thanks for sharing this!


@EgoMoose Yes, any way you could fix this?

EDIT: Controls are also pretty buggy. Sometimes you don’t work in the direction the camera is facing.