[RELEASE] HQS Panel V1.2

Hello, I am haseebali80 (First Post Here) I made HQS Panel that is open source. Took me a while to script/design so I hope you enjoy using it. Now, the basic system requires the module from the website but you still have the option to view the script and edit it. Updates will be made including new commands, UI changes, script changes etc

The loader is here
The Module/UI/Main System is here

To install,
– Get the loader and insert it into your game
– Put the whole folder into ServerScriptService
– The Loader is a parent of the Settings Module. Edit as you wish

(You do not need to get the main module as it is required in the loader)

UI and Features

This is the Main UI, here you can access settings and functions.

This release comes with 15 commands as of yet (not including un-something commands)

  • Announce - Makes an announcement
  • Bighead - Makes the player’s head big
  • Bring - Brings the player to you
  • Forcefield - Adds a forcefield to the player
  • Freeze - Freezes the player
  • Goto - Goes to the character you select
  • Jail - Puts a jail around the player
  • Jump - Changes JumpPower
  • Kick - Kicks player
  • Kill - Kills players
  • Shutdown (Global) - Kicks all players from every server
  • Shutdown (Local) - Kicks all players from the server you’re in
  • Smoke - Adds smoke to player’s head
  • Sparkle - Adds sparkle to player’s head

Announcement UI
When you create an announcement, you input your text and the UI will be visible on everyone’s screen

Auth UI
When you allow everyone to be an admin, it will prompt them with the Auth UI. You can change the auth codes in the settings script.


This release comes with 7 themes

  • Red
  • Really Purple
  • Really Dark
  • Really Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Original

There is an option called Special Gradient that adds a gradient to the UI. With the Orange theme it looks like this:

You can change fonts to any ROBLOX font in the themes menu.

Useful UI Features

  • Minimise the UI by clicking the H next to the settings icon.
  • Pop out stat UI lets you view the return message anywhere on screen.

Known Issues

  • UI on mobile has some scaling issues.

Feedback/Command Ideas/Bug Finds appreciated

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this looks good and provides some nice utilities though i recommend using autoscale plus to help with the mobile scaling issues

One of the few reasons I wouldn’t use this is because the UI looks, eh.

Fair enough. Its all down to personal preference I guess

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The Ui is a bit basic, I can provide a UI if wanted.