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Classical Prison is a prison role-play-styled game, in which users can choose to be on one of three teams (“Guards”, “Prisoners”, and “Criminals”). Guards are to ensure the Prisoners do not escape, while the Criminals attempt to break in a free the Prisoners. Anyone who is a Prisoner can use an escape method to become a Criminal.


Classical Prison will feature an anti-exploit system, along with a toxicity monitor to ensure a safe gameplay. Servers will be moderated by a team of trained staff who roam the servers. Information will be posted closer to the release date for anyone interested in becoming a Moderator.


  • Tactical Equipment | Price: TBD | Description: Gives you access to the SRT features. | Features: M4A1, M5, Tactical Uniform, Tactical Vest (1.2x health), Tactical Room Access
  • Instant Criminal | Price: TBD | Description: Gives you the ability to become a Criminal without needing to escape.
  • Prisoner Knife | Price: TBD | Description: Be able to pick up the knife.
  • Forged Keycard | Price: TBD | Description: Be able to craft a forged keycard.
  • Extras Unlocked | Price: TBD | Description: Unlock extra features not typically available. | Features: Kriss Vector, Alternative Vest

Escape and Entry Methods

Prisoners have plenty of escape methods to choose from, and Criminals can use those methods to enter the prison. While the main gate remains closed unless opened, listed below are other escape and entry methods. It is up to the players to find the locations of these secrets.

  • Jailbreak - Criminals can start a jailbreak by messing with the electrical controls. This disables a random group of doors, allowing prisoners to escape through them.
  • Tunnel - Prisoners can escape through the tunnel, which is directly linked to the criminal base and tower.
  • Drill - Criminals can install a drill on a crippled piece of wall, ultimately destroying it and giving prisoners a way to break free.

This list may be updated with revised/new methods.

Release Information

Classical Prison is still in the very early stages of development. We plan to release it during the Summer of 2023!

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