Release Notes for 319

Happy New Year everyone! We are kicking off 2018 with our 319 Release. Enjoy!


Small typo: “Insert Object Menu Imporvements

I was going to make something like this myself, you’ve saved a bit of time, thanks guys!

game:GetService(“StarterGui”):SetCore(“SetAvatarContextMenuEnabled”, true)

The Avatar Context Menu will definitely be a really useful feature.

Yeah though it would be sweet if we could call that menu to popup on our own, I’m sure it would be extremely handy for custom leaderboards, since we cannot use the friendservice

For the Avatar Context Menu, will we be able to remove some of the default options, such as sending a friend request or sending a chat message?

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Added brace/parenthesis highlighting

Something I’ve been waiting for a long time now in Studio. (:

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Thank you. Thank you so much.


Hey, some pretty good changes here. Avatar context menu looks interesting for sure.


Whoever did this, where ever you are, without a doubt, you da real mvp. Merry Christmas yo


Will the context menu actually work like the code snippet?
It seems outdated because it still uses :connect which was deprecated in favor of :Connect a while back.

More concerns regarding the arguments passed

Furthermore I doubt the arguments passed when creating the option should actually end up being like {str, event}, not because it wouldn’t be convenient or anything but because it’s quite the detour from existing SetCores like ChatMakeSystemMessage or SendNotification, which take tables with more descriptive indices. I’d assume the final implementation would take something like {Title = str, Event = event}, but again I’m fine with the new terse approach. Though this leaves me wondering if the other SetCores should be updated to also accept similarly formatted tables.

Edit: Why does studio only highlight the braces when I’m on their left side? Notepad++ highlights them on both sides, which’s great. Was disappointing to see I couldn’t just click the end of a line to highlight the brace, gotta also move the cursor one step back and life’s just too short for that extra step every time.


Every time someone likes an autocomplete change, @twberg gets a little stronger.


Every little change and improvement to my scripting experience on Roblox I can get I appreciate more than words can express.


How can one man have so much power?

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