Release Notes for 326

Notes for release 326


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property GuiBase2d.AutoLocalize
Added 'deprecated' tag to Property GuiBase2d.Localize
Added Property GuiBase2d.RootLocalizationTable
Added Property LocalizationService.ForcePlayModeRobloxLocaleId
Added Property LocalizationService.RobloxForcePlayModeRobloxLocaleId
Added 'hidden' tag to Property LocalizationTable.Root
Added 'deprecated' tag to Property LocalizationTable.Root
Added Property PluginGui.HostWidgetWasRestored
Added Property TextBox.TextTruncate
Added Property TextButton.TextTruncate
Added Property TextLabel.TextTruncate
Added 'deprecated' tag to Function LocalizationTable.GetContents
Added 'deprecated' tag to Function LocalizationTable.GetString
Added Function LocalizationTable.RemoveEntry
Added Function LocalizationTable.RemoveEntryValue
Added 'deprecated' tag to Function LocalizationTable.RemoveKey
Added Function LocalizationTable.RemoveTargetLocale
Added 'deprecated' tag to Function LocalizationTable.SetContents
Added 'deprecated' tag to Function LocalizationTable.SetEntry
Added Function LocalizationTable.SetEntryContext
Added Function LocalizationTable.SetEntryExample
Added Function LocalizationTable.SetEntryKey
Added Function LocalizationTable.SetEntrySource
Added Function LocalizationTable.SetEntryValue
Added YieldFunction Plugin.CreateDockWidgetPluginGui
Added Enum InitialDockState
	Added EnumItem InitialDockState.Top
	Added EnumItem InitialDockState.Bottom
	Added EnumItem InitialDockState.Left
	Added EnumItem InitialDockState.Right
	Added EnumItem InitialDockState.Float
Added Enum TextTruncate
	Added EnumItem TextTruncate.None
	Added EnumItem TextTruncate.AtEnd
Changed the ValueType of Property DataModel.VIPServerOwnerId to int64
Removed Function Plugin.CreatePluginGui

“Various improvements to math.random.”

Does this mean it has changed to the same generator from Random?


I’ve don’t remember ever seeing a captcha to log into roblox studio? What is it there for?



If you ever fail to login a few times Roblox will put up a capatcha to login.

Fixed a rarely occurring situation where WeldConstraints used between character body parts and a tool will replicate incorrectly as players join, and make the tool appear to be in the incorrect position.

Does this fix the issue with Accessories that use WeldConstraints, too?

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There was a bug where WeldConstraints would sometimes apply their offsets differently on each client, depending on what the offset was between the connected parts when the client received the WeldConstraint connection.

WeldConstraints shouldn’t be used with Accessories anyway?

I’m using weld constraints to attach a five-part accessory to the player’s back. Although now that I think about it, I could separate the five-part accessory into five different accessories instead, but that would mean having to adjust the BodyBackAttachment for each one so that they stay in the same position relative to each other.

Also, weld constraints are just so much more convenient to use in studio than traditional welds. You could adjust their offsets using the dragger/rotation tool and you can create them with a simple click. They also don’t break due to explosions (I think?).

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