Release Notes for 341


Notes for release 341


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added 'notCreatable' tag to Class PluginGui
Added Enum TextFilterContext
	Added EnumItem TextFilterContext.PublicChat
	Added EnumItem TextFilterContext.PrivateChat
Changed the arguments of YieldFunction TextService.FilterStringAsync
	 from  ( string stringToFilter, int64 fromUserId )
	 to  ( string stringToFilter, int64 fromUserId, TextFilterContext textContext = PrivateChat )
Removed Property PhysicsSettings.ParallelPhysics


T h a n k y o u!


Huh, that note showed up in 340 as well.
Seems theres a mixup. I’ll update the page.


Refactored the 341 page to have clearer notes and no duplicate information from the previous update.


I’m hoping this is the bubblechat fix we’ve been waiting for :grinning: