Release Notes for 343


It should be enabled already.


wait wot?

On mobile so can’t test right away, but claims on the Wiki it’s not. Will check asap on desktop


In the past you could not submit requests to the Roblox website, but it appears you now can with RequestAsync, is this intentional or will it be removed?


I’d assume since we can set our own Headers and have a fully functional API now that it should no longer be a problem. In the past, I think it had to due with the fact we couldn’t modify headers and thus the requests were “authenticated” cause they came from the ROBLOX Game Servers. Hopefully, this update will solve that …

Did I guess right?


This would suggest otherwise


Guess we’ll find out. It is 2018 now


Oh my, true support for the REST paradigm? This is wonderful. Time for me to redo some very sketchy simulations of delete requests using a post command…


We aren’t really updating the wiki anymore.
The documentation should be available on soon.

Also I believe we had to disable it because of an exploit.


Is there an ETA on when this will be reenabled? A feature of mine I’ve been wanting to implement for a long time into a project heavily depends on this. I was hoping for a weekend release, rip that I guess.


A table/dictionary for… four arguments??? Who makes this stuff…?

I really don’t intend to sound rude or question people who definitely get paid more than me to work on this stuff… but the API is so all over the place with each update that it honestly just gets confusing. Arguments should be supplied to you as arguments like the other HttpService methods, not a table of arguments!


Just to reiterate, the trust check was disabled due to an exploit or something else was?


Would it be possible for the API reference page to include a couple of short usage examples?

I’ve been playing with this feature and thought that I passed in a Lua dictionary to this parameter, but got back an "Unable to cast to dictionary" error. So, now I’m a little confused about where Lua draws the line between table, dictionary, and array.


The arguments are optional and all over the place. If you look at any other REST-ful HTTP client on the internet, this is pretty much how they do it too. Maybe people don’t like having to plug in default values for arguments that they know they aren’t going to use? Using a dictionary provides far more flexibility, and I think we should be using it for more stuff (like the TeleportService, whose API is all over the place right now).


Any idea on that ETA? Not trying to be pushy here or anything, but I’d like to have an idea of how long this feature is delayed so I can inform my community accordingly. They’ve been waiting for the feature this depends on for quite some time now



RequestAsync seems to be enabled.