Release Notes for 343


Notes for release 343


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class PresenceService
	Added YieldFunction PresenceService.GetUsersAsync [RobloxScriptSecurity]
Added Property Studio.UI Theme [StudioOnly]
Added YieldFunction HttpService.RequestAsync
Added Enum UITheme [StudioOnly]
	Added EnumItem UITheme.Light
	Added EnumItem UITheme.Dark




Is this what I think it is?


Had the very same thought when I saw that


Ohohoh, RequestAsync? Dark theme? Things are starting to look nice here.


Is it just me, or does pressing ESC not work in studio (play solo and test server)?


This is happening to me too.


Found a bug report and a solution:


“Fix an issue with mouse cursor locking in place when holding the right mouse button or middle mouse button down when the CameraType is Scriptable and Lua camera implementations are being used.”


Notices studio dark theme isn’t under improvements.

For real though, at least it’s coming. Very happy with what’s to come.


I think you mean




I’m a bit confused on RequestAsync’s function/purpose. Can anyone provide a use case?


This thread might clarify:


Previously you could only use GET/POST methods in the HttpService. It wasn’t fully qualified for communicating with RESTful web services. RequestAsync aims to solve this problem!

The function takes a dictionary which accepts the following fields:

Name Type Required Description
Url string Yes The URL being targetted in this request.
Method string No The HTTP method being used by this request.
Headers dictionary No A dictionary of headers to be used with this request. Accepts pretty much any HTTP header (except for Content-Length).
Body string No The body of content being submitted in this request. Can be any string, including binary data. Must be excluded when using the GET/HEAD methods.

The function returns a dictionary containing the following fields:

Name Type Description
Success bool The success status of the request.
StatusCode int The code identifying the status of the response.
StatusMessage string The status message that was sent back.
Headers dictionary A dictionary of headers that were set in this response.
Body Variant The body of content being received back from the server.

HTTP Service fails to connect
  • So are the other methods on track to deprecation?
  • Why is method a string? Aren’t get, post, put, patch, delete, and maybe a few more I forgot the only ones? Wouldn’t it be better as an Enum?

  • Not sure at the moment, it’s certainly possible.
  • Maybe for non-standard methods? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Not only are there non-standard headers, but headers can be added to the standard at any time, and I don’t want to have to wait for a Roblox update in order to use them.


@CloneTrooper1019 and cowbear16

Any ETA for that sweet HttpService:RequestAsync? I’m assuming a SoonTM, but hey … have to see considering how useful this simple API change will be.