Release Notes for 355

Roblox copies the framebuffer when it draws the glass effect, so it can only visualize what is currently drawn when it renders the glass effect. A lot of other games use this technique as well because the rendering time HAS to remain under 16ms to keep the framerate stable. Suffice it to say, it’s complicated.

Ah, alright.

Something doesn’t feel right about this FiB update, my game is completely white …

It might help to share some more information on your rig and perhaps a link to the game.

Is FIB out or something?

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Could you share the link to the place where this is happening?

I fixed it, for some reason the ambient value in lighting was being set to 4300000 halfway through the round which never affected the lighting before.


Looks like the future is bright when you use bright values.
That screenshot is pretty cool because it visualizes how SSAO shaders add dark edges to scenes.

I reproduced it in Crossroads to make this neat screenshot:


That would actually be a useful … bug? Feature? Not sure what to classify it as.

But you could use it to simulate a dreamscape of sorts.

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