Release Notes for 361

Its certainly possible, but you have to know how to get the perspective right from where your camera is and how that relates to where the ViewportFrame is being drawn from a SurfaceGui. Its harder than it looks.


Is it just as simple as plopping a model into the frame? Or is there some scripting that has to be done in order for things to be positioned where you want them to be, outside the topic of the Portal effect.

Yeah. The ViewportFrame functions as a viewport to the objects stored inside of it, based on the location of the camera attached to it. Objects that are visible to the ViewportFrame’s camera frustum are drawn into it.
It doesn’t support a direct capture from the workspace as of right now.


Alright. So when you select an object inside of the viewport frame, the movement / resize / rotate handles appear where they should?

Direct captures from Workspace to act as reflections would be absolutely amazing though.

They will render in the Workspace, but not in the ViewportFrame.



This is my 2nd most anticipated feature now, replacing FIB. First place is still packages. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m not even sure if its possible to get the Terrain to render inside of a ViewportFrame right now, given that its a singleton object with a locked parent. Maybe they could make it work with TerrainRegions?
(Probably not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)



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If viewportframe could have the ability to direct capture the workspace, it would make a great low-effort spectate in round based games or something like jailbreak

slap a camera on the bottom of a heli or on a characters face, and attach it to a tv
instant found footage/news coverage spectate


Rip was hoping billboard would work as well as lighting/shading. At least I can now blur behind the weapons in my menu now since black neon was removed for blur.

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Picture in picture possibilities

Wouldn’t be too hard on computers either since pretty much everyone and their grandmother’s computer can run Half Life 2 with their direct-capture camera system. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Every release is like Christmas morning. But this time we get ViewportFrame and massless parts?! Awesome.


I have wanted to do something like that for so long. I think it would make things much more fun.

Do ColorCorrectionEffect objects parented to Lighting affect the color of objects rendered in a ViewportFrame?

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More importantly: Can we apply ColorCorrectionEffects to individual ViewportFrames?

rubs hands menacingly

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How the heck do we know when any of these updates even go live,

Update 340, over 20 updates ago, still has over half the things stuck in pending !!!


I assume not yet, nor would I really want them to affect them in Lighting. I will do a lot more testing this weekend.

The ViewportFrame GuiObject is exactly what I am looking for to improve sniping in Crossroads Warfare. Thanks!

Not sure how I feel about ViewportFrames just yet…

  1. The camera that is positioned to look at the model magically disappears every time you click run.
  2. The frame doesn’t update unless the camera of the frame is moving
  3. Visually looks like free Google vector art…