Release Notes for 383

Notes for Release 383


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property float SurfaceGui.PixelsPerStud
Added Property Enum<SurfaceGuiSizingMode> SurfaceGui.SizingMode

Added Enum SurfaceGuiSizingMode
	Added EnumItem SurfaceGuiSizingMode.FixedSize : 0
	Added EnumItem SurfaceGuiSizingMode.PixelsPerStud : 1

Changed the category of Property SurfaceGui.CanvasSize 
	from: "Data"
	  to: "Sizing"

Changed the security of Function GuiService:GetResolutionScale 
	from: {LocalUserSecurity}
	  to: {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Removed Property Studio.Import mesh files as single mesh
Removed Property Studio.Auto-Save Enabled
Removed Property Studio.Auto-Save Interval (Minutes)
Removed Property Studio.Auto-Save Path

Removed Tag [Preliminary] from EnumItem Material.ForceField

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)


I’m sure that this will make a few people quite happy.

What in tarnation? Does that mean we can’t turn auto-saving off now? Why tho.


It has been superseded by the auto-recovery feature, which both auto-saves to your PC, as well as the cloud. Nothing has been lost, its just a rename :wink:


Doesn’t solve the exploit fully but it gets rid of the annoying spam. Guess this also discourages people from wasting more time. Hooray!



Oh boy faster loading for meshparts


still no news on the forcefield material being completed? behavior right now is very inconsistent but it’s been usable for a while now

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When is PixelsPerStud actually going to be enabled? It says live, but it’s been a month… Or did I misunderstand?


Ok… It’s been another month and still no PixelsPerStud… Has it been forgotten? Or were the properties added early and it’s not even been made yet?

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PixelsPerStud is added?
It is also documented

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It doesn’t show up in the properties window.
And if you actually change them via command bar, nothing happens.

So it’s like they forgot to enable it or something.

(Edit: Also, Idk if its just the wiki not loading because of the outages, but the PixelsPerStud documentation says nothing but “Property of: SurfaceGui” and “Value Type: Float” so I don’t think it’s really documented either.)

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I would definitely love to see a follow up on this property. It would simplify the usage of SurfaceGuis

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@LuaPolar Do you know any more information about this property?


It isn’t enabled yet. @Tiffblocks is the one who worked on it.
Here’s how it works:


I enabled SurfaceGui.SizingMode today. In a few days I’ll likely also be enabling a change which changes this to be the default mode for newly inserted SurfaceGuis.


@Tiffblocks Thank you so much! This was one of me & my friend’s most anticipated features. :slight_smile: We’ll definitely be using it for all projects now! :partying_face:

(Sorry for the @ if you only wanted important notifications)

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