Release Notes for 395

New tweening styles? Awh YEAH. I’m still going to be using Moon Animation Suite for animating through since they had these built in and I like the plugin itself.

Looks like we’re getting Roblox Git. Interested in seeing the announcement for this, unless it’s not for us to use.


What is meant by “top level primitives?” Does this mean what I think it means…?

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Also the fact that these new EasingStyles will not impact the default animation editor in any way, as animations use Enum.PoseEasingStyle, not Enum.EasingStyle, and these new additions seem to only to be Enum.EasingStyle.

Considering these tween styles are added to plain EasingStyle, I’m going off of the assumption that support in other categories of EasingStyles will be implemented in due time.

DraftsService? I don’t know what this is, but if I did, I would be very excited for it to release.


My guess is that, once the change is live, we’ll be able to do things like HttpService:JSONEncode(false). This throws an error saying “Can’t convert to JSON” at the moment, while the JSON spec has nothing against it.

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Added EnumItem EasingStyle.Exponential : 8
Added EnumItem EasingStyle.Circular : 9
Added EnumItem EasingStyle.Cubic : 10

Nice to see that more EasingStyles are being added.

How much of a performance benefit should we expect from this?


does this mean we can serialise instances, or am I understanding this wrong?

Probably more like this reply:

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oh right. I completely skipped over that for some reason

For anyone who wants to see some visualizations, found them in crazyman’s topic

also to add:

I don’t see how that’s useful, but whatever. If it makes JSONEncode more powerful in some way I don’t understand that’s cool. I do wish there was an official way to serialize instances though…

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I’m very interested to find out what this is.


You and me both.

Particularly if it’s a Git-like system and I no longer need to throw a tantrum whenever a developers tries to “research” what git rebase does, while under the master branch.

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You said you don’t know. :thinking: but I’m getting vibes that you actually do know, and that you actually are excited for it to release.


Yes, I’ve been waiting for this to be fixed for a while now. :+1:

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I feel like there’s a sad story behind this.


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