Release Notes for 434

Notes for Release 434


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class PluginManagerInterface : Instance [NotCreatable] [NotReplicated]
	Added Function Instance PluginManagerInterface:CreatePlugin() {PluginSecurity} [CustomLuaState] [Preliminary]
	Added Function void PluginManagerInterface:ExportPlace(string filePath = "") {PluginSecurity}
	Added Function void PluginManagerInterface:ExportSelection(string filePath = "") {PluginSecurity}

Added Function Enum<ABTestLoadingStatus> ABTestService:GetBrowserTrackerABTestLoadingStatus() {LocalUserSecurity}
Added Function int64 ABTestService:GetPendingOrInitializedUserId() {LocalUserSecurity}
Added Function Enum<ABTestLoadingStatus> ABTestService:GetUserABTestLoadingStatus() {LocalUserSecurity}
Added Function bool WorldRoot:ArePartsTouchingOthers(Objects partList, float overlapIgnored = 0.000199999995)

Added Event ABTestService.OnBrowserTrackerABTestLoadingStatusChanged(Enum<ABTestLoadingStatus> status) {LocalUserSecurity}
Added Event ABTestService.OnUserABTestLoadingStatusChanged(Enum<ABTestLoadingStatus> status, int64 userId) {LocalUserSecurity}

Added Enum ABTestLoadingStatus
	Added EnumItem ABTestLoadingStatus.None : 0
	Added EnumItem ABTestLoadingStatus.Pending : 1
	Added EnumItem ABTestLoadingStatus.Initialized : 2
	Added EnumItem ABTestLoadingStatus.Error : 3
	Added EnumItem ABTestLoadingStatus.TimedOut : 4
	Added EnumItem ABTestLoadingStatus.ShutOff : 5

Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function PluginManager:CreatePlugin

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I don’t know if it’s just me or my genius sixth sense, but it seems like there’s gonna be a lot of fixes on the Lua Draggers:

mY sMrt huNcH

Thank goodness that the wait didn’t [color=#3296fa]drag[/color] on any longer. I guess it’s now safe to switch the name from Lua Draggers Beta to

[color=#3296fa]Lua Draggers Betta[/color]

(cause it’s betta than ever before)

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re in a transitional period in which humanity will never be the same. The C++ Draggers are gettin’ [color=#3296fa]dragged[/color] outta here to be replaced by the new and improved Lua Draggers!

My genius brain is tellin’ me Lua’s gonna win this one…


Sooner than you think. We’re aiming to turn on the Lua Draggers for everyone within a few weeks (Though you will still be able to turn them off for a short transitional period if your workflow is broken in some way which we missed and need to address).


Very excited to see more information about that ABTestService. Hopefully is open to all devs and not just the PlayFab ones :wink:


ABTestService has existed for a while and is used internally at Roblox.

I doubt it’ll be made open to Developers anytime soon, if ever.


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