Release Notes for 444

Notes for Release 444


Client Difference Log

API Changes

None were recorded this week! :eyes:

Rumor has it they’re busy with major features like mesh deformation and future-is-bright v3, which already have their APIs shipped. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a dry update like this, but it does happen sometimes.


Short Release Notes, but I have some questions that I’m confused about or just wondering:


What does or what will the “Preview Region” act/behave like? Will it just behave like previewing terrain before generating it with Heightmap, if so then that is neat to have!


Seems interesting to have icons for most of these scripts which will improve my experience a bit, and what will these icons look like when it changes from Pending > Live?


Thank you for fixing these bugs, mostly the top one as that annoying me a bit in a private group of mine for development; attachment bug with the ropes was something I was dealing with in my “Function Mechanics” area for coding and CFrame stuff, crashing is still an issue at the moment with many studio features crashing with game settings. :man_shrugging:

EDIT: Just looked at CloneTrooper1019’s edit, no API changes…

I love the addition of scripting tab icons. That will be seriously useful


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