Release Notes for 457

Notes for Release 457


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class Clouds : Instance
	Added Property float Clouds.Cover
	Added Property float Clouds.Density

Added Function void AnalyticsService:FireCustomEvent(Instance player, string eventCategory, Variant customData)
Added Function void AnalyticsService:FireInGameEconomyEvent(Instance player, string itemName, Enum<AnalyticsEconomyAction> economyAction, string itemCategory, int amount, string currency, Variant location, Variant customData)
Added Function void AnalyticsService:FireLogEvent(Instance player, Enum<AnalyticsLogLevel> logLevel, string message, Variant debugInfo, Variant customData)
Added Function void AnalyticsService:FirePlayerProgressionEvent(Instance player, string category, Enum<AnalyticsProgressionStatus> progressionStatus, Variant location, Variant statistics, Variant customData)
Added Function void Terrain:CancelImportHeightmap() {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void Terrain:ImportHeightmap(Region3 region, Content heightmapAssetId, Content colormapAssetId, Enum<Material> defaultMaterial) {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Yields]
Added Function void Terrain:SetImportHeightmapPaused(bool paused) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Event StudioService.GameNameUpdated(string name) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Enum AnalyticsEconomyAction
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsEconomyAction.Default : 0
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsEconomyAction.Acquire : 1
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsEconomyAction.Spend : 2

Added Enum AnalyticsLogLevel
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsLogLevel.Trace : 0
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsLogLevel.Debug : 1
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsLogLevel.Infomation : 2
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsLogLevel.Warning : 3
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsLogLevel.Error : 4
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsLogLevel.Fatal : 5

Added Enum AnalyticsProgressionStatus
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsProgressionStatus.Default : 0
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsProgressionStatus.Begin : 1
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsProgressionStatus.Complete : 2
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsProgressionStatus.Abandon : 3
	Added EnumItem AnalyticsProgressionStatus.Fail : 4

Added EnumItem StudioStyleGuideColor.AttributeCog : 108

Added Tag [Hidden] to Property PlayerEmulatorService.EmulatedCountryCode
Added Tag [Hidden] to Property PlayerEmulatorService.EmulatedGameLocale
Added Tag [Hidden] to Property PlayerEmulatorService.PlayerEmulationEnabled
Added Tag [Hidden] to Property PlayerEmulatorService.SerializedEmulatedPolicyInfo

Changed the security of Property PlayerEmulatorService.EmulatedCountryCode 
	from: {None}
	  to: {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Changed the security of Property PlayerEmulatorService.EmulatedGameLocale 
	from: {None}
	  to: {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Changed the security of Property PlayerEmulatorService.PlayerEmulationEnabled 
	from: {None}
	  to: {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Changed the security of Property PlayerEmulatorService.SerializedEmulatedPolicyInfo 
	from: {None}
	  to: {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Removed Tags [NotCreatable] [Deprecated] from Class AnalyticsService

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Hey, thanks to the staff at Roblox for listening to the community. It really means a lot to have a feature request fulfilled. Even without explicit mention, it’s still nice to see requested changes in action.

For those who don’t want to visit the topic (it’s short, trust me!) the current way to view resolution is to insert it into your game and look at its properties, a tedious process. It’s wonderful to have the ability to quickly gauge a video’s resolution.


One of these release notes is not like the others… I’m not complaining, but it’s funny how out of place the Dynamic Skies one is compared to the other ones.

What does this mean?


Interesting, now that Clouds are being added for this release notes (or the next one), will be testing that out when it becomes ‘Live’ and some Luau stuff that has been added for this as well, hopefully, it can go Live as well.

I wonder or how this would work in development or using it in Roblox Studio. :thinking:


This is a wild guess, but I suppose it could be used to simulate players without opening more studio windows? We’ll have to wait and see what this is for.