Release Notes for 462

Notes for Release 462


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class DataStoreKeyVersionInfo : Instance [NotCreatable] [NotReplicated]
	Added Property int64 DataStoreKeyVersionInfo.CreatedTime [ReadOnly]
	Added Property int64 DataStoreKeyVersionInfo.UpdatedTime [ReadOnly]
	Added Property string DataStoreKeyVersionInfo.Version [ReadOnly]
	Added Function Dictionary DataStoreKeyVersionInfo:GetMetadata()
	Added Function Array DataStoreKeyVersionInfo:GetUserIds()

Added Class DataStoreSetOptions : Instance [NotCreatable] [NotReplicated]
	Added Function Dictionary DataStoreSetOptions:GetMetadata()
	Added Function void DataStoreSetOptions:SetMetadata(Dictionary attributes)

Added Class UniversalConstraint : Constraint
	Added Property float UniversalConstraint.Radius
	Added Property float UniversalConstraint.MaxAngle
	Added Property float UniversalConstraint.Restitution
	Added Property bool UniversalConstraint.LimitsEnabled

Added Function Tuple DataStore:GetVersionAsync(string key, string version) [Yields]

Added Tag [NotReplicated] to Property MeshPart.RenderFidelity

Changed the parameters of Function GlobalDataStore:IncrementAsync 
	from: (string key, int delta = 1, Array userids = {}, Instance options = nil)
	  to: (string key, int delta = 1, Array userIds = {}, Instance options = nil)

Changed the parameters of Function GlobalDataStore:SetAsync 
	from: (string key, Variant value, Array userids = {}, Instance options = nil)
	  to: (string key, Variant value, Array userIds = {}, Instance options = nil)

Removed Function Terrain:ImportHeightMap

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)

EDIT: looks like the 404 is resolved

I’m getting a 404 from the link, is this happening for anyone else? It doesn’t appear to be showing up in the index either.

Also, is this some upcoming form of official datastore versioning support? If so, does anyone know how soon this will be released? It seems like Roblox is trying to internalize the popular versioning feature of DS2.


Wait, is this what I think this is:

Will you be able to add properties to tables? If so, will they act as keys in the table or separate entities? I’m truly excited for this, I can already the application to OOP, which I’m fiddling around with right now.

Plus, it also seems like a lot of DataStore additions occurred. I predict there’s going to be an Announcement about this new DataStore API. :eyes:


I’m a bit confused by this feature. Can anyone provide an ELI5?


This doesn’t refer to a new feature, and refers to an internal improvement in the Luau type checker that will allow us to type check some uses of mixed tables automatically. You should read “properties” as “extra keys”.


There’s a lot of work going on on DataStores, which will likely be released in several phases, so you may have to wait a while yet for some of these features even though they are showing up in the API dump now.

Given the importance of data store integrity making changes to those APIs is a very slow and careful process.


I’ve been watching these API changes and speculating a lot, and, I’m just curious because it seems like this may be the case, are we potentially going to be able to store our data in a non JSON format in one of these phases?


Just because I feel the need to clarify, the versions DataStore2 creates were never accessible to users, and were just an implementation detail.


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