Release Notes for 468

Please note that this release has been reverted. Changes will continue with the next 469 release.

Notes for Release 468


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class IncrementalPatchBuilder : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]

Added Tag [Hidden] to Property ScriptContext.ScriptsDisabled
Added Tag [NotReplicated] to Property WeldConstraint.Enabled

Changed the serialization of Property ScriptContext.ScriptsDisabled 
	from: [<📁> LoadOnly]
	  to: [<🕒> RuntimeOnly]

Changed the serialization of Property WeldConstraint.Enabled 
	from: [<💾|📁> Saves|Loads]
	  to: [<📁> LoadOnly]

Removed Property Studio.Language

Removed Enum LanguagePreference
	Removed EnumItem LanguagePreference.SystemDefault
	Removed EnumItem LanguagePreference.English
	Removed EnumItem LanguagePreference.SimplifiedChinese
	Removed EnumItem LanguagePreference.Korean

Removed Tag [NotReplicated] from Property ScriptContext.ScriptsDisabled

(Click here for a syntax highlighted version!)


Looks like Roblox was officially deleted for v468! Finally listening to the community, I see. (Not my joke but I’ll steal it anyways)


Seriously though, I can’t seem to view the release notes for this week.


I’m assuming these are for some internal scripts utitlising VoiceChatService?

There was a picture going around that had input/output device selectors in the setting menu

EDIT Found it

Credit @grilme99


I was just about to comment this.

I really hope voice chat is disabled by default. I rather not be in the vocal crossfire of kids raging. Also, I’m curious as to how this is going to be moderated. I don’t know if this is the right move tbh.

I think for now, it gives you a better way to set the game’s audio output to a connected audio device which is actually helpful. At-least, that’s what I think it does.


And it’s another release notes! They really are coming fast!

This is a really nice QOL feature, always glad to see minor changes likes this.

Luau continues to amaze me, keep the optimizations coming!

Always good to see the script analysis getting smarter every day!


Why not change the icon! Would look nicer and I have a feeling the “[Disbaled]” added will cause clutter.


This is my main concern with it. I don’t know if many people here played xbox live games in the early 2010’s but I can see a lot of roblox games turning into old COD in terms of vulgar language


@starmaq I was thinking this too, I think it makes way more sense if the icon changes, as adding a big [Disabled] bit to every script is a bit much. (Most of my scripts already have names that big or a little bigger, so, probably will pretty much double the size of some of my scripts’ names)

@ThatTimothy Also the fact that those functions got over twice as fast is groundbreaking because I very very frequently use those functions, super happy about this.

Someone brought this up in a Discord server I’m in and it turned into a pretty interesting discussion.
Roblox clearly has some underlying plan to make their voice chat different than other voice chats somehow. They did say “safe voice chat” after all, so their intentions are clear, the voice chat is likely not going to simply be a free for all.

The first thing that comes to mind is moderation. How would Roblox moderate something they can’t see? Afaik, they can’t record the audio due to COPPA, regardless of age restrictions, though, I’m not familiar with how that might work and what exceptions might exist. Personally, I think that a logical path Roblox might take would be to allow you to submit recordings in Report Abuse via the record feature that exists in the game already.

The second thing that comes to mind is limitations and restrictions. An idea that was brought up in the discussion was that perhaps Roblox would restrict voice chats to users you are friends with, or make it so you must opt in to voice chat. Additionally, I would expect that Roblox would restrict voice chats to 13+ users only.

I’m not really sure what approach will be taken to be honest but (I hope) Roblox will understand what not to do in either direction, making it unsafe, or defeating the purpose of voice chat in the first place. We’ll have to see.


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