Release Notes for 475

Notes for Release 475


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class MemoryStoreSortedMap : Instance [NotCreatable] [NotReplicated]
	Added Function Variant MemoryStoreSortedMap:GetAsync(string key) [Yields]
	Added Function Array MemoryStoreSortedMap:GetRangeAsync(Enum<SortDirection> direction, int count, string exclusiveLowerBound = "", string exclusiveUpperBound = "") [Yields]
	Added Function void MemoryStoreSortedMap:RemoveAsync(string key) [Yields]
	Added Function bool MemoryStoreSortedMap:SetAsync(string key, Variant value, int expiration = -1) [Yields]
	Added Function void MemoryStoreSortedMap:UpdateAsync(string key, Function transformFunction, int expiration = -1) [Yields]

Added Class PublishService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service] [NotReplicated]
	Added Function Content PublishService:PublishCageMeshAsync(Instance wrap, Enum<CageType> cageType) {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Yields]

Added Property int NetworkSettings.EmulatedTotalMemoryInMB {PluginSecurity} [Hidden] [NotReplicated]
Added Property Enum<ClientAnimatorThrottlingMode> Workspace.ClientAnimatorThrottling

Added Function Array BaseWrap:GetFaces(Enum<CageType> cageType) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function Array BaseWrap:GetVertices(Enum<CageType> cageType) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function void BaseWrap:ModifyVertices(Enum<CageType> cageType, Array vertices) {RobloxScriptSecurity}
Added Function Instance MemoryStoreService:GetSortedMap(string name)
Added Function void StudioService:RequestCloseStudio() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Event SoundService.DeviceListChanged(Tuple newDevices) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Enum CageType
	Added EnumItem CageType.Inner : 0
	Added EnumItem CageType.Outer : 1

Added Enum ClientAnimatorThrottlingMode
	Added EnumItem ClientAnimatorThrottlingMode.Default : 0
	Added EnumItem ClientAnimatorThrottlingMode.Disabled : 1
	Added EnumItem ClientAnimatorThrottlingMode.Enabled : 2

Added EnumItem AssetType.TeeShirtAccessory : 63
Added EnumItem AssetType.ShirtAccessory : 64
Added EnumItem AssetType.PantsAccessory : 65
Added EnumItem AssetType.JacketAccessory : 66
Added EnumItem AssetType.SweaterAccessory : 67
Added EnumItem AssetType.ShortsAccessory : 68
Added EnumItem AssetType.LeftShoeAccessory : 69
Added EnumItem AssetType.RightShoeAccessory : 70
Added EnumItem AssetType.DressSkirtAccessory : 71
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.TeeShirtAccessory : 63
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.ShirtAccessory : 64
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.PantsAccessory : 65
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.JacketAccessory : 66
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.SweaterAccessory : 67
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.ShortsAccessory : 68
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.LeftShoeAccessory : 69
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.RightShoeAccessory : 70
Added EnumItem AvatarAssetType.DressSkirtAccessory : 71

Changed the parameters of Function MemoryStoreQueue:ReadAsync 
	from: (int count, bool allOrNothing = false, int waitTimeout = -1)
	  to: (int count, bool allOrNothing = false, int waitTimeout = 0)

Changed the parameters of Function MemoryStoreService:GetQueue 
	from: (string name, int invisibilityTimeout = 30)
	  to: (string name, int invisibilityTimeout = 30000)

Changed the parameters of Event StudioService.OnSaveOrPublishPlaceToRoblox 
	from: (bool showGameSelect, bool isPublish)
	  to: (bool showGameSelect, bool isPublish, bool closeAfterSave)

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Iā€™m liking this one alot.


No idea what this means but, if it has something to do with the skinned-mesh clothing stuff that was showcased at an RDC a bit ago back, this is going to be cool. If not, still cool.

This is also a bit odd. Still not sure what this is.

MemoryStore stuff looking cool.


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