Release Notes for 477

Notes for Release 477


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Property string HumanoidDescription.AccessoryBlob [NotScriptable]
Added Property Enum<LoadCharacterLayeredClothing> StarterPlayer.LoadCharacterLayeredClothing [NotScriptable]
Added Property string StatsItem.DisplayName {PluginSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]

Added Function Array HumanoidDescription:GetAccessories(bool includeRigidAccessories)
Added Function void HumanoidDescription:SetAccessories(Array accessories, bool includeRigidAccessories)
Added Function Instance Instance:FindFirstDescendant(string name) {🧬Safe}
Added Function void StudioService:PromptForLocalSave() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Event StudioService.FirstPublishOfCloudPlace(int64 universeId, int64 placeId) {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Enum AccessoryType
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Hat : 0
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Hair : 1
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Face : 2
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Neck : 3
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Shoulder : 4
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Front : 5
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Back : 6
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Waist : 7
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.TeeShirt : 8
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Shirt : 9
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Pants : 10
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Jacket : 11
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Sweater : 12
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.Shorts : 13
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.LeftShoe : 14
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.RightShoe : 15
	Added EnumItem AccessoryType.DressSkirt : 16

Added Enum LoadCharacterLayeredClothing
	Added EnumItem LoadCharacterLayeredClothing.Default : 0
	Added EnumItem LoadCharacterLayeredClothing.Disabled : 1
	Added EnumItem LoadCharacterLayeredClothing.Enabled : 2

Changed the parameters of Function MemoryStoreQueue:AddAsync 
	from: (Variant value, int priority = 0, int expiration = -1)
	  to: (Variant value, double priority = 0, int64 expiration = -1)

Changed the parameters of Function MemoryStoreQueue:ReadAsync 
	from: (int count, bool allOrNothing = false, int waitTimeout = 0)
	  to: (int count, bool allOrNothing = false, double waitTimeout = 0)

Changed the parameters of Function MemoryStoreService:GetQueue 
	from: (string name, int invisibilityTimeout = 30000)
	  to: (string name, int invisibilityTimeout = 30)

Changed the parameters of Function MemoryStoreSortedMap:SetAsync 
	from: (string key, Variant value, int expiration = -1)
	  to: (string key, Variant value, int64 expiration = -1)

Changed the parameters and return-type of Function MemoryStoreSortedMap:UpdateAsync 
	from: (string key, Function transformFunction, int expiration = -1) void
	  to: (string key, Function transformFunction, int64 expiration = -1) Variant

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That’s new :thinking:

Do you know if there’s a reason for that?


I believe this is referring to FindFirstDescendant, is there any difference between FindFirstDescendant and FindFirstChild with the third argument as true? Will there be FindFirstDescendantOfClass and FindFirstDescendantWhichIsA like the other FindFirstX methods?


Roblox Studio has not rolled out 477 yet, which is what my toolchain depends on.
I should be able to force it, but it’s super weird that the release notes went out anyway.


Interesting. Maybe the release is finalized but since its not Thursday yet they put them out a day early? I’ve not seen this happen before.


FindFirstDescendant does a breadth-first search, while FindFirstChild does a depth-first search also does a breadth-first search. Stop liking this.

-- Folder
--- Folder
---- x
--- x
local A ="Folder"
local AA ="Folder"
AA.Parent = A
local AAA ="Folder"
AAA.Name = "x"
AAA.Parent = AA
local AB ="Folder"
AB.Name = "x"
AB.Parent = A
print(A:FindFirstChild("x",true).Parent==A) --> true
print(A:FindFirstDescendant"x".Parent==A) --> true
-- Folder
--- x
--- Folder
---- x
local B ="Folder"
local BA ="Folder"
BA.Name = "x"
BA.Parent = B
local BB ="Folder"
BB.Parent = B
local BBA ="Folder"
BBA.Name = "x"
BBA.Parent = BB
print(B:FindFirstChild("x",true).Parent==B) --> true
print(B:FindFirstDescendant"x".Parent==B) --> true

FindFirstChild does a breadth first search.


My release note post is properly live now.
Apologies for the delay!


Also for more context: It’s not just that FindFirstDescendant does a breadth-first search, but that a breadth-first search is more likely to be what you wanted to begin with: The thing that’s closest in depth to where you’re searching from is probably more interesting than a deeply nested thing of the same name, which may be a leaky implementation detail of something that happens to be under your hierarchy.


The naming logically makes sense for this as well. You would think the first descendant should be the one closest to the target. Something deeply nested is further away. It’s the closest thing globally and a descendant is a global thing under the target.

I’m not familiar with how recursive FindFirstChild works but generally you think of a child generically as something with a parent to tie it close but it has no relationship to outside hierarchies, so, you might be more apt to expect FindFirstChild to mean finding the lowest level object, because that’s the thing that’s least “tangled” in the heirarchy. Its an end point on the tree, and, that’s what a child is. It’s the end of a leg on a tree, which, is what a depth first search does.

To me in makes more intuitive sense to think about them this way, I’m not sure how other people think about this, but, personally I like this and I think this makes the most sense for everywhere I’ve ever used recursive FindFirstChild.