Release Notes for 497

Notes for Release 497


Client Difference Log

API Changes

Added Class AnimationClip : Instance [NotCreatable]
Added Class CSGCacheService : Instance [NotCreatable] [Service]

Added Class DebuggerLuaResponse : Instance [NotCreatable] [NotReplicated]
	Added Property string DebuggerLuaResponse.Message {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]
	Added Property int DebuggerLuaResponse.RequestId {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]
	Added Property bool DebuggerLuaResponse.IsError {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]
	Added Property bool DebuggerLuaResponse.IsSuccess {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]
	Added Property Enum.DebuggerStatus DebuggerLuaResponse.Status {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]
	Added Function Variant DebuggerLuaResponse:GetArg() {RobloxScriptSecurity}

Added Class PathfindingLink : Instance
	Added Property Attachment PathfindingLink.Attachment0
	Added Property Attachment PathfindingLink.Attachment1
	Added Property bool PathfindingLink.IsBidirectional

Added Class RotationCurve : Instance
	Added Property int RotationCurve.Length [ReadOnly]
	Added Function RotationCurveKey RotationCurve:GetKeyAtIndex(int index)
	Added Function Array RotationCurve:GetKeyIndicesAtTime(float time)
	Added Function Array RotationCurve:GetKeys()
	Added Function CoordinateFrame? RotationCurve:GetValueAtTime(float time)
	Added Function Array RotationCurve:InsertKey(RotationCurveKey key)
	Added Function int RotationCurve:RemoveKeyAtIndex(int startingIndex, int count = 1)
	Added Function int RotationCurve:SetKeys(Array keys)

Added Property string DebuggerConnection.ErrorMessage {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]
Added Property bool DebuggerConnection.HasError {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden] [ReadOnly]
Added Property bool ImporterMeshSettings.IgnoreVertexColors
Added Property bool StudioData.EnableTeamCreateStreamingOnLoad {RobloxScriptSecurity} [Hidden]

Added Function bool VoiceChatService:IsVoiceEnabledForUserIdAsync(int64 userId) [Yields]

Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:GetAndClearCallFailureMessage
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:GetAudioProcessingSettings
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:GetMicDevices
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:GetParticipants
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:GetSpeakerDevices
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:GetVoiceChatApiVersion
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:GetVoiceChatAvailable
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:IsPublishPaused
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:IsSubscribePaused
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:JoinByGroupId
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:JoinByGroupIdToken
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:Leave
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:PublishPause
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:SetMicDevice
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:SetSpeakerDevice
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:SubscribePause
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Function VoiceChatService:SubscribePauseAll
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Event VoiceChatService.ParticipantsStateChanged
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Event VoiceChatService.PlayerMicActivitySignalChange
Added Tag [Deprecated] to Event VoiceChatService.StateChanged

Added Tags [Hidden] [Deprecated] to Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatState

Changed the superclass of Class KeyframeSequence 
	from: "Instance"
	  to: "AnimationClip"

Changed the serialization of Property VoiceChatService.VoiceChatState 
	from: [<💾> SaveOnly]
	  to: [<🕒> RuntimeOnly]

Changed the value-type of Property Breakpoint.Script 
	from: ScriptRef
	  to: string

Changed the value-type of Property StackFrame.Script 
	from: ScriptRef
	  to: string

Changed the parameters of Function DebuggerConnection:AddBreakpoint 
	from: (ScriptRef script, int line, Breakpoint breakpoint)
	  to: (string script, int line, Breakpoint breakpoint)

Changed the parameters of Function DebuggerConnection:GetSource 
	from: (ScriptRef scriptRef, Function status)
	  to: (string scriptRef, Function status)

Changed the thread safety of Function ServiceProvider:FindService 
	from: {🧬Unsafe}
	  to: {🧬Safe}

Moved Property Loop
	from: Class KeyframeSequence
	  to: Class AnimationClip

Moved Property Priority
	from: Class KeyframeSequence
	  to: Class AnimationClip

Removed Class ScriptRef
Removed Class ScriptRefId
Removed Class ScriptRefPath

Removed Property PlayerEmulatorService.DEPRECATED_SerializedEmulatedPolicyInfo
Removed Property PlayerEmulatorService.PlayerEmulationEnabled_deprecated
Removed Property PlayerEmulatorService.StudioEmulatedCountryRegionCode

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What is this new thing?

I also saw a FloatCurve and EulerRotationCurve in the documentation.

Despite the Release Notes page showing this as live, I don’t believe it’s released, it looks to still be WIP.

Based on the APIs and such, I’m betting it’s probably related to some kind of spline or interpolation system for various values, for example, Vector3Curve is probably positional interpolation, RotationCurve is probably for rotations, FloatCurve is probably for general numbers, etc. Maybe beziers?

It follows a similar structure to color and number keyframing at surface level, but, I’m not sure what it’s going to be used for or how it will be interacted with and I haven’t tried to look into it yet.

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